I would like to introduce you to the things I dream about at night. I hope you find inspiration and underlining themes hidden within all characters and creatures found in this site. If you do not find anything on this site of any value what so ever... then... you are welcome. Please continue on your human journey. Our world is full of secrets and mysteries that most minds cannot process... please see with three.

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Update 5/11/2014

Thanks everyone for all the support with my new t-shirt line! I am happy to announce the winning shirts from our facebook vote...


The Unknown and Abe Zombie! We couldn't pick just one. Thank you to everyone who participated!



Update 1/13/2015

Yes, it's happening again! Check out FACE OFF season 8 every Tuesday night starting at 9/8 c. This is going to be another wild ride!



Update 3/28/2014

Welcome to the NEW website!!! It's been a long time coming, but the site is reconstructed and ready to sell some merchandise! Please browse around and see what I've been up to lately and of course buy a few shirts! Thanks for all the support through this long process.



Update 2/9/2014

Exciting news! We are just getting ready to launch our store! We have been hard at work getting our t-shirt line together. We will be using paypal at first, but hopefully we can move to some other options in the future.